Rasta Farmers - Reusable Hemp & Bamboo Facial Pads - 10 Pack
  • Rasta Farmers - Reusable Hemp & Bamboo Facial Pads - 10 Pack

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    10 Reusable facial pads.  Bamboo (5), which are slightly softer in texture and hemp (5) which have a slightly courser texture.  Both work in perfect harmony with the hemp as a makeup remover pad and the bamboo as a cleansing pad.  Alternate from bamboo to hemp to get glowing skin without over exfoliating. 


    The Benefits

    Why Hemp:

    Hemp plants can thrive without nutrition rich soil, it naturally improves the quality of the soil it grows in.

    Hemp plants can product natural fibres sustainably

    Hemp plants require NO harmful chemicals or pollutants for production

    Hemp fibres are naturally hypoallergenic

    Hemp boasts some of the longest and strongest natural fibres in the world, making it one of the most durable and breathable fibres


    Why Bamboo:

    Bamboo uses 1/3 less water than cotton to grow

    Bamboo has the power to self-replenish – 1 acre of bamboo will yield 10 times more than 1 acre of cotton

    Viscose in bamboo is one of the strongest and most affordable textiles on earth

    Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic

    Bamboo is 40% more absorbent than cotton making it a great swap for facial pads and bedding ensuring

    Bamboos high thread count makes the material extra luxurious, both mailable and breathable


    How to wash: 

    Pop all pads into the Rasta Farmers hemp mesh bag provided, wash with light colours on an eco-wash.