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Ever wanted to cut through the white noise that is Afro Hair advice and consult an expert to help grow your hair to longer lengths? 

Need help with your hair care regime?

Well, you've come to the right place! 

Enter Ms Jacky van Driel-Nguene.  She is an enthusiastic expert on all things hair at a molecular level!  A qualified trichologist - Jacky has international clients seeking her very specialised advice for Afro & Curly hair issues. 


Enter Ms Asha 'Naturally High' Downes.  A natural hair growth coach - she teaches new naturals to achieve and maintain healthy hair growth.

Mention you were referred by The Empress Parlour & you'll be rewarded with a redeemable voucher to use in store.  Check out her services below. 

Jacky - Trichologist_edited_edited.png
Jacky Van Driel-Nguene
Asha Downes Picture_edited.jpg
Asha Downes - Hair Coach


Trichology is the science of the structure, function and diseases of the human hair. Clinical trichology is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the human hair and scalp.

Unfortunately, trichology is currently an unregulated industry - with anyone being able to call themselves a trichologist without due experience nor knowledge. 

We've specifically hand-picked Asha & Jacky due to their various expertise and years of study in this area.


Jacky van Driel-Nguene - Trichologist_edited.jpg

Jacky van Driel-Nguene CiT, ART


Consultant Trichologist for Trichology Europe
Member of the Association of Registered Trichologists.


Once you have purchased a service, a programme or consultation, you can claim your voucher from The Empress Parlour



Trichoscopy Analysis

This is an essential procedure whereby you receive an in-depth analysis of
the scalp and hair using the latest advances in dermoscopy. In this case, a trichoscope is used to examine the scalp & hair and pick up on any anomalies.  The information is sent to a specialised 
hair research laboratory in Germany where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to analyse your scalp & hair and a detailed report is generated by specialised doctors and scientific researchers.


Holistic Appointment

1st Consultation £130

Subsequent Follow-Up Consultations £75


About 1 week after the trichoscopy analysis is performed and the results/reports are in, an intake
appointment is scheduled for a more holistic consultation (medical history, diet, lifestyle, hair styling history, etc) and interpretation of the scalp & hair analysis results, leading to a more reliable and accurate diagnosis.
Available treatment options are then discussed and appropriate recommendations are made.


Initial Video Consultation

Consultation Advice from Jacky van Dreil-Nguene: 

"There is also the option of having an initial video consultation for £110 as I will not be able to examine your hair and scalp physically. 
I however cannot give a definitive diagnosis through a video consultation but might be able to give some advice (video consultations are advisory not diagnostic).
For a diagnosis, I need to examine your hair and scalp manually and microscopically."


Asha Downes Picture_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Asha Downes MSc

Hair Coach

Level 4 Hair & Scalp Science for Trichology Certificate

MSc Molecular Biology


Once you have purchased a service, a programme or consultation, you can claim your voucher from The Empress Parlour



Oils & Butter

Naturally High does a workshop based on utilising the benefits of Oils & Butters on your tresses.  

Good for getting informed about the science behind increasing hair length in general using Oils & Butters.


Hair Coaching Programme

This is consists of a bespoke series of 4 + 1 sessions tailor-made to your specific pain points and needs. 

The first session is a connection session to take a deep dive into your current hair issues & future goals.  This is a session to connect and to explore whether both yourself and Naturally High are a good fit for each other to this programme.  


Hair Coaching

This is an ONE-OFF session created to delve into your current hair issues and pain points.  Counts as the first session of the Hair Coaching Programme.

Colorful Bubbles

Voucher for You



Pink Sugar


I've found Jacky to be a great insight and a valuable experience in understanding and diagnosing my scalp conditions.

Jacky is friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable on a broad spectrum of hair/scalp conditions. 

It's reassuring that Jacky really cares about your issue and offer sound guidance and advice. 

Jamie McCubbin - 8th February 2022

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