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5 Things To Do Whilst Deep Conditioning

So listen up, Ladies!

Some of us - let's face it - most of us dread Wash Day. Why? Because of the sheer amount of time it takes from start to finish. When you think 'wash day', you think 'the whole day gone'!.

But Wash day doesn’t haven’t to be a WHOLE day dedicated SOLELY to your hair.

You can choose to use some of your wash day time to get productive!

Yep, so especially for all you busy ladies, here at The Empress Parlour, we’ve put together a list - just for you: “5 Things To Do Whilst Deep Conditioning”.

And the best thing?... No social media involved!

To Do Lists

Get super organised by preparing yourself for the rest of the week or for the next day by writing out your to do list.

Whilst those curls are getting nice and moist, doing some forward planning helps to alleviate subtle stress and can also save you precious time in your day-to-day activities.

If you have no idea where to start, start off by blocking off your day into 3 - morning, afternoon and evening. Then begin to jot down what needs to be done. When the day arrives, tick off as you go!


Get your gloves out ladies!

Do a little bit of spot cleaning around the house. Washing up, sweeping & mopping floors, wiping down surfaces are great use of this deep conditioning time.

You'd be surprised how much you'd get done!


A lot of us have things lying about or hidden in drawers that we no longer use or need. And their sole function? To take up space! Find things in the house you no longer need and donate to charity.

Get rid of these things by placing them in a bag or a box to donate to charity. Try

putting out a donation box in the corner of one room and go through it picking up things you don't need. One thing that helps is to ask yourself 2 questions, does this item have a purpose and does this item bring me joy. If the answer to both are 'no', it's probably worth dumping it.


We all have that book on the shelf where we haven't read the last few chapters.

Who says being productive needs to be strenuous? Make a nice cup of hot chocolate or peppermint tea, snuggle underneath a warm blanket and get reading!

You could gain the knowledge of a chapter or two of that self-help book in your deep conditioning time. Or delve into a few chapters of that novel you'd been promising yourself you wanted to get into.

If you must, do some work-related reading, but we prefer the above. 😀

Meal Prep

So deep conditioning typically takes anything from 30mins to 1 hour. So with all the time you have to kill, why not turn yourself into a sous chef.

Cut & slice your veg in advance for the day's meals & pop into the fridge?

When it comes to cooking time, you've literally just sliced your cooking down and make the whole process a lot smoother and easier.


If doing less whist deep conditioning appeals to you more, try this one.

If your household allows, put some soothing music on, close your eyes & drift into a relaxed & calming state.

There has been many reported benefits to meditating, including improved memory, better sleep, reduced stress and anxiety and even an increased attention span.


There you have it! Whoever thought Wash Day could be so productive! Let us know what you think of these in the comments & also what you do whilst deep conditioning. 👇🏾

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