Natural Origins - Organic African Black Soap
  • Natural Origins - Organic African Black Soap

    Natural Origins - Liquid African Black Soap

    An organic all- purpose soap suitable for face, body and hair. 

    Rich and creamy in nature, the high content of organic Shea Butter makes it an ideal liquid soap for dry, eczema prone skin.

    Originating from West Africa, this soap is used by natives to relieve acne and oily skin. It is also re-known for clearing blemishes and various other skin issues. The most natural soap you will ever use! A must for all skin types.

    Weight: 330g.



    Directions: Wet hair, face or body and pour drops of soap onto hands or washcloth or loofah.  Lather up, scrub down, rinse off and tingle fresh and clean. 


    Ingredients: Aqua. Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Sodium Palmate, (Virgin Palm Oil), Cocos Nnucifera (Coconut Oil), Potassium Hydroxide (Cocoa Ash), Plantago Major (Plantain skin), Xanthan Gum, Essential oils.