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How To Use our Free 100 Affirmations for Afro & Curly Haired Girls

Hey Empress,

If you're looking for a daily confidence booster, you've come to the right place!

Here at The Empress Parlour, we have compiled a list of super fuel-filled 100 affirmations to empower & encourage you through the start of 2022!

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Why Do I Need Them?

Being a Afro haired or a curly haired lady can sometimes be not a walk in the park. With the current climate of the pandemic, work, personal relationships & more, we can at times feel overwhelmed and lacking in confidence. Affirmations are a simple and effective way to encourage yourself daily and increase your well-being. They say speak your dreams into existence so reciting affirmations are a great way of doing the same.

What Are Affirmations?

The word affirmation stems from the Latin word affirmare, which means “to make steady, or to strengthen.”

When you recite an affirmation, you are in essence fortifying and strengthening the thoughts you want your mind to think.

As Women Of Colour, it's important to rejuvenate our well-being with frequent encouragement & empowerment. In this list, we have compiled affirmations for our hair, our body, our success, our confidence and our well-being and with 100 in our list, you have so many to choose from.

How to Use Them

  • Choose a suitable time in the morning and pick a few affirmations from our list.

  • Recite them standing in the mirror.

  • Believe the words: They are in present tense so imagine completely feeling what you are reciting as you are reciting them.

  • Focus on the words - if you feel resistance to them, just push through them gently.

  • For increased effectiveness, write them down and recite them silently throughout the day.

Try doing these steps daily. We 'd love to know your results! Let us know across our social platforms!

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